Our commitment to you: Frequent construction updates

Welcome to Dearborn Construction Updates, where the City of Dearborn will keep you informed about the comprehensive sewer separation project affecting the Dearborn Hills neighborhoods in 2018.

This construction is an essential part of a water pollution control project that will bring long term benefits to your neighborhood. But we know for the short term, the construction will be disruptive, especially with a project of this size.

We promise to do our best to minimize the inconvenience to you wherever possible. A big part of our commitment to you will be to keep you well-informed. Plenty of information is posted here already regarding schedules, tips to successfully cope with construction and what impact to expect on your daily life.

Construction updates will be provided here at least once a week and will serve in conjunction with direct communication from Engineering staff and notices delivered to your door when appropriate.

As a convenience, you may choose to sign up for automatic notification via email when new information is added to this blog. See the box at right to subscribe.

As always, you may contact the Engineering Department at 313-943-2145; or Soud El-Jamaly, project engineer, at 313-801-8578.


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