CSO Concrete Paving

During the month of June (weather permitting) the contractor will be concrete paving the following streets:  a) S. Waverly, b) S. Rosevere and c) S. Melborn where concrete saw cutting may be required until midnight.  The saw cutting will be executed for each road only on days the concrete was placed for approximately seven to eight hours starting late afternoon.


2 thoughts on “CSO Concrete Paving

  1. I signed up to this blog for Dearborn Construction Updates, particularly the construction project on Steadman Street, but the vast majority of the updates seems to center around this single construction project. I understand that it is a large project and can appreciate the regular frequency of updates if I lived in that particular area, but the people that live on Steadman deserve the same courtesy. Of the 19 updates on the blog, 16 are dedicate to this project alone. There are other projects that are popping up (for instance the project that appears to have started this week on Ford Rd. median between Evergreen and the Southfield Freeway, near Alter Rd.) that do not get any attention or updates on this blog. Please provide updates for all Dearborn Construction Project as they occur or just openly dedicate the blog to this single project, as to set expectation appropriately.

    Thank you.

  2. We appreciate your patience during the Steadman improvement project.

    You are right that this blog is primarily for residents affected by the sewer separation project in west Dearborn. Because of the enormous scope of that project and its long duration, the city needed to develop a new tool to keep that neighborhood informed.

    Unfortunately, staff limitations prevent a robust blog for every project.

    However, we created a heading called “Other Projects” on this blog so that all neighborhoods inconvenienced by construction would have general information, such as the type of work and timetable for the project near their homes.

    In addition, we will now post the letters from the Engineering Division that are specific to each neighborhood project. These letters are hand-delivered or mailed to every household affected by a construction project, like that on Steadman, prior to the start of work. These letters contain the cell phone number for the on-site Engineering supervisor, so residents are free to call with questions and concerns and get up-to-date answers from the person right in the field.

    Notices are also hand-delivered to houses when ongoing construction results in temporary water shut-offs or temporarily affects access to driveways or street parking.

    And, you can call the Engineering Division at 313-943-2145 during 8-5 M-F business hours.

    Note that this blog is designed for City of Dearborn construction projects. Yet we know that Dearborn residents and drivers can also be affected by road construction undertaken by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) or Wayne County. The Ford Road construction you mention is an MDOT project, because Ford Road is a State of Michigan road.

    For updates on MDOT projects, visit http://mdotwas1.mdot.state.mi.us/public/LaneClosure/

    At that site, you should also be able to search for projects going on in Wayne County.

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