Paving Update

Starting Friday , September 13 , 2013 (weather permitting ) contractor will start concrete paving on N York between Myrtle and Lodge Lane , Myrtle between Telegraph and N Rosevere .
N Rosevere between Cherry Hill and Lodge lane.
Full width concrete paving of the street is proposed similar to that was performed on N Highland , N Waverly , and N Martha in your neighborhood . While your street is temporarily closed for concrete paving , you will have access to the adjacent streets for parking .

Concrete saw cutting may be executed for each road only on days the concrete was placed for approximately seven to eight hours starting late afternoon


2 thoughts on “Paving Update

  1. Can we get more frequent updates, please? There has been a lot of paving activity that hasn’t been reported and impacts our ability to get around our neighborhood. Also please give at least a week’s advance warning of when each street will be paved, particularly to those living on affected streets.

    • The affected residents are notified in advance of concrete paving by distributing flyers.
      We try to notify residents week in advance, however the construction is weather dependent and / or there could be a change with contractor’s schedule.
      Your patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,

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