Paving Update

    Starting on Wednesday October 2, , 2013 (weather permitting ) through Wednesday October 9, 2013 ,Zito Construction ,the contractor for the sewer separation project will start concrete paving on S York Street between Fordson and Outer Drive .


3 thoughts on “Paving Update

  1. This has been miserable! Have been held prisoner since the whole thing began in July. Can only get out on Sundays and now not even then until all the paving is completed and cured. Disabled and can’t walk to the street. Been out of food for a week now. Don’t know if the water is safe to drink, even filtered. Comes out brown every so often. This was more than a little inconvenience–it’s a pain in the neck! Hope it was worth it. Residents: Before they get to you, stockpile food and water. You really don’t know what will happen. It’s worse than they said.

    • Access to individual driveways and garages was kept open throughout the construction except during the concrete paving operation. The residents were provided with information during the public meeting(s). Information was also conveyed to all affected residents via the Street Talk Publication. All residents were informed before the start of the project and prior to the concrete paving operation that they would not have access to their driveways for a two (2) week period to allow for cement and driveway apron paving. New water mains were constructed for each street and it is safe to drink the water. The City’s field staff is always on the jobsite, and all residents were provided with the names and cell phone numbers of City staff to contact with any questions or concerns.

      • I was afraid to leave and not be able to get back in. I know my circumstances are unusual–disabled sr., can’t get out as often as I’d like, and I shop only one or two days a month–but it seemed like they were always working in front or around my house, probably due to the sewer location directly in front. The contractor was very nice and returned all calls. I probably pestered him to death, but had an emergency and had to get out–no matter what. Summed up, it has been miserable to come and go during their working hours. I know it has all been necessary and don’t wish to ruffle any feathers. The street is a pretty white now. We get a lot of truck traffic because we’re behind the school. Hope it holds up. They did a good job, I’m sure, but we will all be glad when it’s finally over. Won’t we?

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