Sewer Separation Project In Your Neighborhood

Starting on 10-12 -15 (weather permitting) the contractor will be constructing pavement or / driveway apron on Bailey between Boston and Notre Dame .


5 thoughts on “Sewer Separation Project In Your Neighborhood

  1. Nice that Military is finished. When will we get Homeplace finished? Homeplace is NOT finished at Oxford or Princeton. The “gravel” laid down at these junctures are going to start taking out tires and rims because the gravel is not even with the concrete and is getting worse by the day.

    • Hi Laura – the intersections on Homeplace are being left unfinished intentionally because of the construction that will happen on Oxford and Princeton beginning next spring. Our crews will be putting asphalt down within the next week to temporarily complete the intersections and make for smoother driving through the winter. Next year, they’ll be completely redone with concrete. The concrete work has to all be done at one time, which is why we cannot do just the intersections now.

      Also, just so you’re aware of why Military was a much shorter project, that construction was only to resurface the street, unlike the CSO construction which replaces all water and sewer mains, which is why it takes much longer to complete. We certainly appreciate residents’ patience as we complete this important work to upgrade our water-sewer system.

  2. I am writing on behalf of myself and my neighbors that reside on Heritage Parkway. Today, workers put asphalt down where the cement was removed at the entrance of our street which was affected by the sewer that was replaced on the southwest corner of Westwood. Since it was not replaced with cement that was removed and it is all uneven and looks awful, we can only assume this is a temporary fix for the winter. So our question is, ” Are the sewers being replaced on this street in the spring??” A worker did tell this to one of the neighbors, but being this section has 30yr old sewers we did not think this information to be correct. This street is not listed on the spring 2016 construction schedule, so we are hoping you can give us an answer so we can prepare. Thank you!!

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