Tree Removal and Replacement

tree plantingResidents who live within the CSO construction project areas should be aware of plans regarding tree preservation, removal, and replacement in the affected areas.

Due to Dearborn’s vibrant tree canopy in the 2018 CSO neighborhoods, The City of Dearborn is committed to proactively work to preserve the mature trees of the neighborhoods. We know trees in our city are important, and it’s our goal to protect

As we embark on construction, the following steps are being taken:
• City staff (an arborist and/or project engineers) inspect all of the trees between the curb and the sidewalk and identify any trees that require removal because of their health. They identify those trees that are within 12” (inches) of the curb line.
• A letter will be sent to affected homeowners that the trees in front of their house may require replacement either because of their health or because of their close proximity to the curb line.
Generally, concrete paving of a street requires 12” (inches) of clearance behind the curb line.
• The letter sent following the tree evaluation also will indicate that city staff would like to meet with the property owner to discuss the tree removal criteria.
• Only if agreed to by the homeowner will city staff schedule removal of trees that are within 12″(inches) of the curb line. If the homeowner does not agree to remove a tree in front of his/her house, the tree will not be removed.
• Unhealthy trees that pose a safety hazard will be removed only after providing proper notification to the homeowner.
• The city may implement alternate concrete paving methods on a case-by-case basis to protect trees. These methods may extend the construction period and the time that residents cannot access their street with their vehicles.
• Note that the city is committed to replacing all trees that could not be preserved, as well as adding new ones where they previously did not exist, once the construction project is completed in your neighborhood

Where trees are removed, new trees will be planted by the City of Dearborn wherever trees were removed, or as requested by residents. The planting will occur as soon as possible, based on spring or fall planting seasons. Where trees were not present a new tree will be placed.

Hearty trees will be planted free of cost to homeowners in the areas impacted by the sewer separation project. If the homeowner prefers to pick out the variety of tree to be planted, there is an additional service fee.

Residents with questions about the tree-planting program can call 313-943-2107.

Questions regarding the construction project should be directed to the City’s Engineering Division at 313-943-2045.


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