Property owners

Tips for Property Owners in Construction Areas

    • Property owners are encouraged to document the condition of their homes, inside and out, prior to construction. It is highly recommended that they use cameras or videos that display the date, to show exactly how the home appeared before construction. In the event that building or structural damage does occur, any claims could be supported with photo-video documentation.
    • Crews will close off half of each street during sewer and water main work. A lane will be left open for traffic. Access to garages will be maintained except when excavating in front of driveways.
    • During the sewer and water main work, residents can expect a disruption in water service for four to six hours. Residents will be notified 24 hours prior to water shut-off. Also, there will be disruption at individual households when their water service is transferred from the old water main to the new main. The transfer will take approximately two hours and residents will be notified two hours before the transfer takes place.
    • It is recommended that whenever water service is turned off and back on again that residents flush the lines by running water until it appears clear.
    • When work on the streets is complete, crews will replace topsoil and sod, and make any repairs to damaged sprinklers. The city asks that the sprinkler heads be marked with flags when work comes to your area to help avoid damage.
    • Trash pickup will continue as scheduled and residents should continue to put out their trash and recycling carts as usual. Otherwise, you will be given special instructions in advance of your trash day.